In high-pressure, demanding corporate environments, reliable technology that aids communication, collaboration and decision making can offer an important competitive edge. For organisations, being able to keep in touch with colleagues and customers across the globe, easily schedule meetings, engage with remote workers and offer meeting spaces that enable teams to share information and ideas easily, securely and in real time is crucial to success. In addition, having a reception area that welcomes and informs visitors through its digital signage network will strengthen your brand and leave a positive impression on guests, while room booking systems can ensure meetings always happen on schedule and with minimal effort.


Invest in experience

Install AV has many years of experience delivering complete solutions that truly benefit businesses of all sizes. Whether a new-build office, a fit out or a meeting room or huddle space upgrade, Install AV can specify and install the most suitable technology based on your individual requirements and needs.

Integrated solutions

While displays and video systems get much of the attention in corporate environments, it is crucial to remember the importance of high-quality audio in this environment; without it meetings and video conferences simply will not be able to happen. A fully integrated solution will ensure that all elements work in harmony.

Maintenance and adoption

The success of any project is dependent on it being used effectively and regularly. At Install AV, the focus is always on maximising adoption and usage across the business. We can also implement maintenance agreements to ensure your investment continues to deliver for many years to come.

Why work with us?
Established Company

With over 18 years of experience delivering AV excellence, Install AV has a great reputation, deep industry knowledge and a genuine passion for audio visual integration.

We believe in quality

Install AV has an excellent reputation with our clients and we take pride in delivering great customer service. Check out some of our testimonials for more details.


Install AV is proud to be accredited to all recognised industry bodies within the AV industry, including AVIXA CTS-D and CTS I, Extron, AMX plus CHAS Health and Safety.